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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

How Cool And Polite Can One Man Be?

And people might ask, is it an effort on my part, to ooze with such coolness and politeness? An effort such as perhaps I could cease to make? But: Nope. It's as effortless as your fifth breath back. You don't even remember TAKING that breath. Well that's just how effortless my politeness and coolness is.

People who can't deal with it will just have to deal with it.


tattytiara said...

I think a good rule of thumb is that anytime you find yourself having to put effort into oozing anything that's a good indication that you're doing oozing wrong.

dogimo said...

100% agree! Oozing ought to be simple function of osmosis: your interior is dense with virtue, and your immediate environment is dilute with it. So you ooze.

JMH said...

It's science!

Does the virtue content of one's immediate environment change? What sort of person could occupy his or her immediate environment without oozing virtue or vice?

dogimo said...

@JMH: I'd say it does. For instance you might walk out the door of a shrine of some kind and down the street into a dive bar. Each environment has different virtues and vices, but in most cases it takes some time for a newcomer on the scene to ooze enough to make any discernable difference to the environment.

Then again, some people can walk into a seedy room just oozing with rectitude, and have an immediate effect to that effect. Results vary.

JMH said...

Results always vary. Why can't anything be absolute? Except for Peppar. That's Absolut-ly terrible.

dogimo said...

I've got a number of absolutes. I'd argue that there are several times as many absolutes as there are people!

The problem isn't a lack of absolutes, the problem is, they're mostly all subjective.