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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I Drop Rhymes

I drop rhymes
like a watch ticks times
like a clock tocks hickory docks and then chimes
I drop rhymes
like Mama Jong drops tiles
and I gots more styles than a model's got smiles


John Dantzer said...

This reminds me of Will Smith's Tick Tock Clock.

dogimo said...

Not familiar with that one. What album was that from?

I kind of lost track of him after "Boom! Shake the Room."

John Dantzer said...

It was from the fresh prince of bel air where he gets jazzy jeff to pretend he is Raphael de la ghetto

dogimo said...

Oh, yeah - I never did get much of a chance to watch that show! Seemed like it was always on when I was at work.