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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Infamy At A Pool Hall #4

Infamy At A Pool Hall is a semi-regular feature that collects some of the shameful quotations of things actually heard and said at the previous weekly pool session, out loud, not by those at neighboring tables but by persons or person right there, at my own table, from among the same group of regulars that based on these quotations alone and if you didn't know them outside of the pool hall context, you would think I'd be ashamed just to whew. Italics fatigue. Where was I - oh yea, you'd think I'd be ashamed just to appear in their company and lend seeming countenance to their disreputable repute!!

On with the quotes. Don't read these if you're delicate of EAR or SOUL:

"Combo - 4, 7, middle." "SUCK IT!!"

"Was that some deep, deliberate, strategic move or did you forget you were solids?"

"Dude, you're putting on a clinic! abortion clinic."

"Call it. CALL IT. I want to hear a call on this one! Call it." (...and the other guy just shoots! - defiantly refusing to "call it")

"Whose shot is it - yours or your mouth's?"

"Eyes on the game and take your shot, please...? That girl's ass will still be there when you're finished missing."

"I'm not being presumptuous here I'm being fucking insightful."

"SCREW YOU, CUE BALL!!! Sorry Nick - I meant the cue ball not you."

"Quit looking at me like I'm not your hero."

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