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Sunday, December 13, 2009

None More Random Pt. 7 AKA None More Random #7

This is really a "#7" not a "Pt.7" - I need to be a lot more consistent with those. I need to use "#" for new installments in a series of relatively self-contained posts grouped around a certain style or theme, and "Pt." more for continuations, further meditations where a previous post left off, or the picked-up-thread of a serialized narrative.

So. None More Random #7! Once again, changing out the Top 9 of All Time sidebar item. Once again, using the "Do You Feel Lucky?" RANDOM POST button:
Now That's Some Good Advice
Thinky Is Kinky!
Labor Day: A Celebration
Pass It On! MILK
Your Source For Music News You Won't Hear Elsewhere!
NFL Week 4: Why I Picked The Way I Did
For Some Reason, I Feel Like WINE.
The Onus Is On Me
The Wine Appreciator
Garn Stackelberg, Pioneering Sports Speechwriter 1925-2006
I'm too lazy to link-enable all these. It's right over there in the sidebar, big hardship I hope!

Hey, I wonder what I'll do if one of these Top 9 Recaps ever pops up when I'm picking the Top 9? Should I still put it in? I guess I'll cross that bridge as it burns.

Anyways, as always, the top 9 consists of 11 posts. The final 3 are all tied for ninth, that's how that works. It's not just empty tradition, although it is that, too.

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