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Monday, December 28, 2009

Now Is The Time To Invest!

Business has never been cheaper! BUY IN NOW! This blog post does not constitute financial advice.

Consult your portfolio therapist before making any major life changes. BUY NOW! You cannot await another moment to let this last best chance pass! Invest in some of the cheapest deals you will ever see! Stocks are about to start selling like wildfire, and you want to buy in now so that once that next big blaze ignites, you'll be sitting on top of a ton of cheap-bought shares that you can then sell off at a fat rate of gain to the fool suckers who buy in on the second wave! But if you wait, if you hold off, then you'll be the one stuck sitting on the cold outskirts of the big building of business transactions, pounding to get in while that inferno rages inside. Do you want to be out in the cold? BUY NOW!

Business has never been cheaper. Yours for the pennies, that's how capitalism works - if you're smart.

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