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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

One's Readership

One's readership is ultimately, collateral damage in one's attempt to engage the eternal and universal.

Sorry, guys.


dogimo said...

Another post TOTALLY ripped off from a comment.

Lunarchick said...

I rather like thinking of myself as collateral damage...makes me feel like I am in a cool band or something.

dogimo said...

You should be in a cool band! You should be in a band where you were in the center with a keyboard on stilts, and the percussion would be a bongo artist who plays standing up but with those extra-big drumsticks with the bean-bag tips, and the guitarist would be off to the other side with an acoustic except, it would be an acoustic guitar with a really big weird body and 3 necks: 6-string, 12-string bass, and BANJO.

You would be the vocalist. Oh no! It's too late to get out of it now! You're the vocalist.

Everyone would be dressed in very unusual tuxedos: they would be one-piece tuxedos, the whole thing one garment with the jacket fading into the pants and the shirt front, tie, and cummerbund just kind of built-in. As bandleader, half your face would be covered by a large square of black construction paper.

Let's see...what would the band name be.