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Monday, December 14, 2009

Sorry, Aquabats!

The Phenomenauts are way better. Reasons, you need reasons?

Well, there are many reasons, including:

1. They just are!
2. Science Fiction heroes cooler than Super Heroes.
3. Punk'n'roll cooler than Dork Ska (sorry, that was a low blow but there it is)
4. tiebreaker: both The Aquabats and The Phenomenauts would probably disagree with my assertion that The Phenomenauts are cooler. So what that let you know?

However, I will grant that the anti-negativity helmets of the Aquabats are indeed: Super Rad.

None of that should be construed as any true knock on The Aquabats, who are clear pioneers in the field of subgenre rockers costumed and elaborately self-mythologized into Saturday morning/Saturday matinee archetypes.


Lunarchick said...

Watching this made me very happy. :-)

dogimo said...

Me too!

Especially since it's shot at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. A place of fun.