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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Super Positivity #1!

Hi! This is Super Positivity #1!

In the comments queue, leave a little story of a time when you did something that made you proud of doing the right thing. Or similar. To kick it off here's mine.

One time I walked up to the ATM, and it was BEEPING. The screen said,
"Main Menu?" "Return Card?"
"Oh my goodness!" I said - the situation clear to me in a flash! I knew I only had seconds to act! I pressed "Return Card" and the card slid out. I ran around the side of the building at a sprint, where I could only see one car with anyone in it - and she was pulling out! I slid up to her car frantically gesturing. She seemed alarmed, but she stopped pulling out. She didn't roll down her window, though. So I had to yell: "ARE YOU MILLICENT?"

If anything, she became slightly more alarmed. "Yes," she nodded: "Why?"


She rolled down the window at that and thanked me profusely! She did of course tell me her last name for verification purposes. I wasn't about to give Millicent's card to the wrong Millicent!

I walked back to the ATM, happy to have helped someone in some small way. What a pain in the ass that can be when the ATM eats your card - or you leave it in the machine, which amounts to the same thing! I always dash straight to it when shit like that happens. I fucking rule that way.

Why not share a story of your own in the comments (try to keep the cursing to a minimum, though please)? Tell us about a time you saved someone, even if only in a small way, or any other thing that made you glow with the good happy after.

This is Super Positivity #1! In the New Year, sure to be a recurring feature.


Bev said...

Why, aren't you nice? I'm sure Millicent was thanking her lucky stars that you were there that day.

Trying to think of one of my MANY kind deeds to share....

Just today I jumped up to open the door for a woman with a stroller and several bags, and recently I picked up a dropped item and chased a man down through a crowded store to give it back. I RULE!

dogimo said...

Yes you do indeed!

(RULE is understood)

Bev, not to denigrate the real heroes but, people like you and me are the real heroes.

dogimo said...

Hm, that's not really true- obviously the real heroes are the real heroes, I probably shouldn't even joke about stuff like that. But sometimes each of us can step up and save the day!

That's what this post is all about.

Mel said...

Well, I usually do the right thing because I fear vengeance from above if I don’t.

For example, I was in Subway (in Australia) and I looked in my purse and I still had some coins left from a trip to New Zealand. Their one dollar coins look like our two dollar coins and vice versa. Now, clearly theirs aren’t legal tender here so I cunningly thought that with a quick slight of hand, and if the cashier wasn’t paying too much attention, I could pay for my Australian lunch with funny Kiwi money and be rid of it and score a cheap lunch in the process. It worked! – Hurrah!

As I walked out I got scared that karma would come and get me so I went back and confessed “HAHA!, silly me, I accidently gave you the wrong money before, here’s the correct amount” A master criminal I am not.

There was this one time I offered to buy some CDs for this dude I’d never met and ship them over to him. He could have been CRAZY for all I knew, (I mean, he did request Boom Crash Opera of all things).

Caz said...

Just wanted to say happy holidays to you Dogimo!

Still haven't had time to finish-off our last conversation ... I will, in due course!!

There's a homeless lady who sells the homeless magazine near my work, she's been at it for years, a lovely woman. Arrives very early, out there until the workers leave. Very hot at Xmas time last year. On one hot day I gave her $20, to make sure she had enough to buy herself some cold drinks. Also gave her $50 a week later, for Xmas.

In truth, I didn't feel proud about it, or good. I didn't miss the money, but it meant a lot to her. Makes a person feel awfully humble to realise how much they have and how little others have.

Caz said...

And wishing you a fabulous 2010, in case I forget next week!

Lunarchick said...

You DO rule. It's true.

I might be a lame loser...trying to think of one....hmmm

I ALWAYS offer up my seat on a crowded bus to older folks even though it is the end of a long day, I am exhausted, and I will look like a bear on roller skates when I have to stand in the aisle and hold on for dear life.

Does that count?

dogimo said...

@Mel - look not for vengeance from above. It comes in from the side. From the side.

@Caz - Happy Holidays & 2010 to you as well! That conversation covers enough ground it may never finish. Of course if you like you can split it up under different threads of the various subtopics! :-D

@Alice - IT COUNTS. You also rule.

Anonymous said...

Well I didn't own you too much when you came over to play Medal of honor,That definitley counts!

dogimo said...

Not sure what you mean there, zaz - if you're implying you "threw" the contest, that never counts favorably for you! But I'm sure that's not what you meant - I've never known you to do less than your level best.

So I'm guessing you're just talking about "counts" in terms of ruling, rather than good-deed-doing. And indeed, it would be hard to say which of the two is more important!

blue said...

On Saturday I was at the post office and though the counter was closed, the automated postal center was open and you could put packages in the bin. A postal worker came out and asked me if I'd just mailed two small packages. I said no, there was a man here who posted them, and turned around to see he was just backing away in his SUV. The postal worker started halfheartedly toward him, then was sort of watching him drive away. So I went after him, though a bit slow because I was on crutches/aircast combo. Going after him was a bit of a trek, because this is a main township sort of post office, with a big ol' parking lot four or five lanes wide, then a field alongside the road. But I didn't think about it and just hightailed it across the large parking lot, over a slippery bank of remnant snow and the wide grassy field, yelling "hey, sir! You in the black SUV!" but not stopping until I got right up to the car because at any moment the road could clear and he could drive off. I was afraid to go too close to him when I finally got up near the car because he was entering the busy thoroughfare, but he saw me then, waving my crutches and shouting.

When he asked what was the matter, I realized I had no idea, but explained that there was something with his packages and the postal worker had tried to come out to warn him. He looked amazed and pleased and said thanks repeatedly. I avoided the snow bank on my way back to the building.

I never did find out what the heck was wrong with his parcels. The postal worker gave them back to him, though, and the man said he would come back when the counter was open. He thanked me a few more times before he left, which was nice because the look on his face was so glowingly surprised and thankful that it was really entertaining. It seemed like I'd entertained him as well, because he seemed to think it was as much of a crazy hoot I'd run out there as he was grateful I did.

dogimo said...

Blue, your heroic tale has inspired me to post another edition of Super Positivity!

I'll say this, though: if a babe in an air cast chases me through an icy parking lot on crutches, I'd at least have the decency to let her know what was wrong with the parcels. You took a real risk there, and this guy's inconsideracy forces you to leave us all hanging on the anecdote!

Then again, maybe that air of mystery is ultimately more satisfying than whatever mundane issue there might have been with the parcels.

"Inconsiderateness" would be a better word than "inconsideracy," inasmuch as the latter ain't a word. But I typed it, and there it is.