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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Truth Is When You Say It A Hundred Times Without Being Corrected Once By Anyone

I always refer to Benjamin Franklin as having "invented" electricity, and no one ever calls me on it.


Lunarchick said...

Wait...what....didn't he?!? ( :-) )

dogimo said...

He did!

Making possible almost all of our subsequent scientific advances.

Edana said...

Since I read your disclaimer, and then the longer one, and then the longest one, I never know whether a post I'm reading is true or serious or not, so I have to ask. Do you actually do this? Do people really not correct you? I want to try. I'm going to talk to someone about how Benjamin Franklin invented electricity, and see if anyone says anything. And then...I will take it as Truth.

dogimo said...


Edana, always always feel free to ask! I'll answer truthfully each time. Now, the above example - Alice was kidding, with the smiley and all so I kidded along. Best bet: when you ask, leave out the smiley!

I'm always happy to break it down to reality in the comments. The truth is, yes, I do do this. Possibly not "always" - Ben Franklin doesn't come up in conversation frequently enough to warrant an "always", but this is one of those things that I do slip in, out of sheer perversity.

No one has ever corrected me on it. I suspect some of them know I'm kidding, and others may think I'm just a fool.

Neither group is that far wrong.