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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Was That The 80s??

Not in this hemisphere it wasn't!


That's not in sync at all.

Audio Enhanced, though. Audio Enhanced. That's what counts!

Everyone's so well-dressed.

EDIT: This video is a cognitive dissonance symphony! Man. I know it's mostly the sync problem, but...every single other aspect isn't helping matters, either.

Boom Crash Opera: they have more guitarists than you do.

EDIT YET AGAIN: Man! Check out this version of "The Best Thing"! Completely different mix, and the reshuffle clicks like nobody's business. Dare I say, "very much better than the already stellar-ass album version"? After hearing that jacked up guitar solo, I pretty much can't not dare say. Check it:

That's a brand-new classic to these jaded ears.

Plus, you know. The audio is synced up. A plus.

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