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Monday, December 14, 2009

Why We Blog

As internet historians may already be aware, "blog" is actually an abbreviation for what was once a longer term. It's short for "weblog." In the early days of blogging, a spirit of camaraderie and inclusiveness reigned, and the phrase "weblog" ("we blog") was coined to describe this sense of virtual esprit de corps. Later, the "we" was dropped in favor of the simpler "blog", but the spirit of that missing "we" remains strong.

All over the internet, bloggers band and throng together, following each other around making comments, linking up a storm, and even pursuing more nouveau modes such as twooting on each others twibbles, in an effort to vigorously and incestuously cross-promote. There's got to be a better word than "incestuously" but you know what I mean. Exposure is the nom du jeu, each blogger striving to expose herself (or himself) and others to the widest possible crowd of onlookers, voyeurs and mutual accomplices! Often, it can be hard to distinguish between, as edges blur within this loose-lipped tight-knit community of an infinity of overlapping nexuses, each blogger a node point blooming with its own dedicated halo of points-in-orbit, a multiplicity of imperfectly-concentric circles radiating outward from each orbiting point - each satellite in itself a center of gravity - making it hard to tell where one circle begins or where this sentence is going to end.

I lost where I was going. The point it, it's extremely fucking confusing!


JMH said...

Confusing and beautiful, as is anything infinite.

dogimo said...

Thanks, man!

Yeah, I honestly have no idea myself.

Lunarchick said...

I'm confused. Commenting and promoting of course. But confused. :-)

Sarah said...

This should be the Wikipedia entry on "blog!"

dogimo said...

@Lunarchick: you, I believe, have the whole ethos nailed COLD.

@Sarah P: go for it! You sly wikivandal you.