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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Yeah, I Live At Home. So What?

I'm so sick of this stigma against guys living at home. I love living at home! It's great! It's very comforting to have that comfort zone of comfort. A place to stretch out and relax! And every now and then, I'll entertain visitors. Sometimes mom and/or dad will visit. Not too often - it's tough for them, because they live in Jersey. But I get other visitors too sometimes. Nobody seems to have any complaints! I don't really get what the problem or knock is supposed to be, against me living at home.

I love it, myself! I'll walk in the door after work, turn around, secure the deadbolt (I always do that, it's a habit that to me somehow says: "I'm home!" - possibly because I never really secure anybody else's deadbolt) and then I turn and look around, look the place over and say: "AH: Home."

I have a cute little place. It's got a garden.

Where the hell else am I supposed to live?

People are so judgmental, and for no reason, too.

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