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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Adventurous Chef Returns!

Every now and then, I'll do something like I'll take a ham and cheese sandwich, that someone else has made, that I've purchased for lunch but that I failed to eat - having not had a chance at lunch that day - and I will take that sandwich home with me and do something like make up some chili relleno batter (you know, the egg batter that you'd use to coat up a chili relleno with the cheese, and the chili inside? or is it the cheese and the relleno), and slap a sliced-longwise, layered relleno (or is it a chili?...okay, damn, I looked it up: it's a poblano pepper) or rather, a poblano pepper, cut up lengthwise and set across the outside of the sandwich, and then batter up the whole sandwich and deep fry it!

Every now and then, I do something like that...and it works out brilliant. Just brilliant. Hot and delicious, cheesy insides with ham like a monte cristo, only the relleno aspect just makes it swing savory mex instead of sweet greasy spoon.

Now, I've never actually done that, exactly! But you know, things like that. I was just using that as an example. I've done other things, that came to me in a similar bolt of inspiration. And worked out pretty well!

As opposed to my famous boiled sandwiches. To be fair, they were really more par-boiled. But it turns out, even that...bad direction to go.

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