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Thursday, January 07, 2010

An Appreciation of Book Club Mystique & Ethos

I wonder about book clubs. They seem very cool and all - literature! Putative social interaction! - but what are book clubs about, really? Why were book clubs formed? How did it all go down?

Everybody got together. "Man, we have really nothing to talk about." "Hey, let's all read the same damn book - then we can talk about that."

One would assume that given a sufficiently well-read group, there would be no need for the rigmarole. Everyone would have already read the damn book. They could talk about any damn book they pleased.

I keep getting rejected for membership in book clubs. "Oh, all our slots are full." "Sorry," - like an afterthought!

Well the joke's on them. I find out what their little secret, agreed-upon book is, and I read it anyway. I have a mole on the inside. Then later, all nonchalant maybe I'll sidle up to a bonafide member, stretch my arms, clear my throat, "So...! That A Pursuit of Winged Creatures by Jaabsen...some story, huh?"

I love that look of caught trappedness they get when I spring that on 'em!

Some story.


KC Kelly said...

I've also wondered the same thing...ever try I mean, if you're serious, you may be able to find a book club that would accept you! :)

dogimo said...

KC - thank you for the sweet suggestion! I feel a little bad now, because I was more just goofing on the idea. I've never tried but from what I've heard about it - what a cool idea that is. Like a public bulletin board for anybody in the area who's interested!

It also seems a little bit like what used to be called a "flash mob", only instead of some choreographed absurdity routine - like "everybody pretend we're in an earthquake!" - it's something low-key. "Everybody let's take a walk on the beach!"

The way my schedule is, I'm not sure I'd be able to commit to something like a regular meeting club though. Even my Thursday Pool Night falling by the wayside. Probably if I was going to join up to something, it would have to be a book club, since I've already got the skills!

I'd be laughed out of a sewing circle, for instance. Fingers all bleeding, thimbles on the wrong thumbs...

dogimo said...

Say, though! Afterthought!

I'd hate anybody to think that I think a book club (or sewing circle) is just "something to make fun of"! No way!

I goof fondly on all sorts of serious things. Truth is, I think book clubs are pretty cool. I like the idea of anything where people are getting together to share something they all dig as cool. Like sewing circles - I can't sew, but if somebody I knew told me they were part of a sewing circle I feel that would be about the raddest thing ever.

Lunarchick said...

I've always been curious about that whole book club thing. I fear rejection if I ever tried to join one. I also wonder what happens if you DON'T read the book. Bet that is not a pretty scene. Or if you have nothing insightful to say when you are done. But yeah I think I might still like to belong to one. They seem cool :-)