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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Did You Check Out My Poem-A-Day(-On-Average) Blog?

I mean, if you didn't, now's not the best time. My poetry blog "A Pocketful Of Poesy" is off to a slow start. It's supposed to be a "Poem-A-Day(-On-Average)" blog, but I haven't posted since the 10th. Not to worry - the average is to be calculated at the end of the year.

I'm not too worried about the slow start, not after last years' 1-poem January. I still came back. I still powered through to a final-tally 401-poem 2009, not too shabby. Check out that stretch last November - 94 poems in a 15-day stretch! Including at one point 44 poems in 24 hours. And of course, that would be nothing to brag about unless the quality was there!

I mean, in terms of poetry quality - if I had to measure it in terms of the average poem quality worldwide, I couldn't even begin. No, I mean measured against my own track record. And in that context, it is impressively high! That 15 day stretch contains way more poems-I'm-proud-to-have-written than any other 30 day stretch. It's not even a contest. True, some of the worst ones in that stretch are pretty weak, but it's worth it to get the good ones. And then, sometimes the ones I think are stupid prove to be the ones others love! Either way, the price you pay more than balances out.

I think my place in the pantheon of poets is less to wow people with amazing quality, every single time out of the box, and more to impress people with how brash I am about it. Because an aspiring poet could look at one of my poems and say, "My poems are almost as good as this, and look how brash he is! If I work ceaselessly at my craft, perhaps I too can become just as brash!"

I want to inspire.

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