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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Doldrums: Another Bloggy Experiment

Doldrums. Every now and then I take a crack at just describing normal everyday junk in my life. So I'm doing that now, here. Every time it happens it's kind of an experiment for me. My mind doesn't comfortably run that way normally, but right now, feels right. Give it a shot.

Man. Since I got back from Back East I can't seem to get it together! I've been hit with a nasty flu though. That's probably the whole explanation. All I've been doing is sleeping, taking crappy, ineffectual flu medicine (is there another kind?) and ready trashy novels. Barely even making progress there.

I was feeling better a couple days ago or thought I was, then I woke up feeling WORSE. I just want to go back to work. I hope I feel better tomorrow.

I haven't even taken my guitar out since I got back. I was writing such great songs. I just don't feel like singing.

Man. This post blows. I need to punch it up a little.

Suddenly there's a pounding at my door. The neighbor's vacuuming stops abruptly. I call out "It's OK! You can keep vacuuming! It's just the door. I'll get it. It's my door it's not your door!"

The pounding abruptly continues.

OK, maybe I'll pick that story up later. For now, I've got to see who's at the door.

One thing's for certain: it's an ass hole, because my doorbell works fine!


¡Z! said...

asshole is one word asshole.

Have a nice day.


dogimo said...

Not to argue with an expert on the topic, but: yes, "asshole" is one word, and "ass hole" is two words. Both usages are grammatical.

Compare "cannot" and "can not." Both grammatical - identical in meaning.

Words often merge and combine over time, but the fact that a new, combined word enters the lexicon does not render its constituent antecedents erroneous.

dogimo said...


Lunarchick said...

I love how you followed your factually stern correction with a comment winky -smile. :-) the flu is making a visit at Chez Joe's. That sucks. Hope you feel better soon!

JMH said...

A polite way to condemn someone else's behavior might be to say, "You're being a real hole in the ass."

dogimo said...

@Alice - either it had already pretty much run its course, or your well-wishes did the trick! Either way, I thank you.

@JMH - THAT is the awesomest one I have heard all day bar NONE. Bar not even the ones I myself have said. Thank you for that. I'm going to work that into my subtle repertoire.

dogimo said...


I totally keep forgetting. Tomorrow for sure, even if I have to uncork it at the inopportune time.

Of which there will be several.