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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Doodeloo #34: Me As A Fetus!

Sometimes one picture says it all.


Sarah said...

You have lots of uterus envy, dude.

dogimo said...

Not envy! Nostalgia.

Mel said...


I can’t decide if I’ve drawn your own glasses and beard or if it’s you tricking the future by wearing a Groucho Marx mask. The latter would be mind-blowing. Wearing a pre-natal disguise could change your entire life!

dogimo said...

"Wearing a pre-natal disguise could change your entire life!"

This has got to become my new life's motto somehow.

Holy s, Mel! I'm Shel Silverstein!


Mel said...

It does look like Shel!

I've updated the pic accordingly. I'm woeful at doing speech bubbles *sigh*

dogimo said...

He's a classic and revered children's book author, but I've always loved him more for his songs.

Grant said...

You are a regular Henry Gray.

dogimo said...

I had to look that up! Never knew that dude's first name was Henry. Thanks!

The first Henry Gray I came across - blues guitarist - the connection was obscure. But I still took it as a compliment! I've a positive talent for that.

dogimo said...

Whoops. Blues pianist.

That's even more rad somehow. I can't play a decent lick of piano! Let alone blues piano.

Check out this some boogie woogie!

Lunarchick said...

Brought tears to my eyes.

dogimo said...

Me as a fetus, or that sweet Henry Gray boogie woogie?