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Sunday, January 17, 2010

For Shame! #2 Pt.2

I should mention on these, in re the previous post, and the "For Shame!" series in general: if I'm at the supermarket and I buy deodorant, or shampoo or soap or something - I'm not including that in the list when I post it. It isn't pertinent. The focus is nutrition. What kind of deodorant or shampoo that I buy, or how often I buy it, is none of anybody's god-damn business.

Also, if the recurring feature has the desired effect, and I start to reform my ways to healthier ways, and I decide to keep it going for a while - I don't want a year to go by and then somebody says, "This dude has not bought any soap or shampoo in the past year! He must be the dirtiest dude ever!"

See, again, that's not the purpose or the focus. It's nutrition here. I don't need any shame-help on hygiene. I look, smell, feel - and for all I know, taste - great already. I keep it clean, on that you may be assured.

It's true I didn't actually buy any deodorant, or shampoo or whatever on that last trip, but that's neither here nor there. I wanted to nip the possibility of misinterpretation in the bud.

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