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Friday, January 15, 2010

He's An Alcoholic. Don't Even Buy His Denials! Who's Available For An Intervention?

Man...I just tried to drink...the phone.

That's a serious sign you need to either open up another bottle of beer or call a halt to the whole process.

I get a little distracted, playing music, tend to drink pretty freely since I sing pretty loud, so, you know. That's "thirsty work!" But you got to pace yourself! Beer is friend. You lean too hard on that friend...suddenly you're like, flagged for life because of alcoholism. You never want to take a step down that road, right? So you take a break, you're like - I just drank two beers in rapid succession, there. And they were delicious! But maybe cool it a minute, maybe hold off on opening that next bottle.

Breathe a bit.

I can nurse a beer like I was Florence Budweiser-Nightingale if I'm at a party, but when I'm playing I get kind of hyped up a little, prone to a good strong pull or two between every song and then that'll eat up a bottle pretty quick. So yeah, definitely: take a break! Hold off on that next bottle. Breathe. Sing another song or two.

But in the meantime, right - don't try to drink the phone. It just looks bad. Good beer is not interchangeable. You just can't substitute the nearest handy upright object.

Tips, tips for musicians and beer lovers. I'm a pretty good guy to go to for all sorts of tips.

Anyway, enough practice - enough warmup. Time to go play.

Another tip: save room for the free beer. Free beer is better* than "my beer."

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