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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Only Way to Prevent Sexual Harrassment Is to Make Workplace Sex Mandatory.

I'm cogstobbled that I'm the first person to recognize and suggest this. Demystification! That's what happens when you dive right in and stop demonizing and getting all weird about it. That's all it takes! People will realize, "hey, this is no big benefits everyone, it contributes to teamwork and morale, and the bottom line is: it's part of the job." Once that right, positive attitude is introduced and enforced, suddenly I bet your complaints drop by 100%.

It could be managed flexibly. There could be pre-approved blocks of time, and areas set up, there could be trainings scheduled, there could be group meetings - look, as long as each company steps up to manage their responsibility in this area responsibly, I think government's proper role in this could be reduced to just making the requirement known, and then leave the specifics up to whatever responsible policy gets drawn up. Though a real prude might accuse me of advocating a bit of a libertine stance here, if you look closely at my track record it's clear I'm far more of a libertarian than a libertine - and I am all about telling Big Government to take a hike. As long as the problem is getting solved, we can solve it for ourselves. We're all adults, here, right? I don't think we need Big Government to come butting in, telling us exactly when and how and for how long we have to have sex with our co-workers. I think we can all figure that out for ourselves, based on what our place of employment tells us.

But the bottom line is now. For too long, the irritation, fear and outright unease surrounding this issue has gone on long enough! It's time we all got serious about tackling the problem. And you're not going to tackle it by sweeping it under a hat.

Let's schedule a meeting.

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