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Friday, January 15, 2010

Personal Anecdote #243

I used to have a girlfriend, ex-girlfriend now, she would say the saying: "hunger is the best sauce." She liked that saying. We were kind of foodies, I agreed with the saying myself - it's got a lot of truth to it! But at one point (sometimes I need to stop what's about to come out of my mouth) she said that saying, right? We were eating dinner, and also coincidentally going through a phase. And I just chimed back, with a pregnant pause and a pointed look: "Yeah I know! And celibacy is the best aphrodisiac!"

She took it all personal. I thought it was a funny rejoinder! Anyway.

We broke up a few years after that. We didn't really like the same foods.


Elliott said...

You made a comment like that and it still took years for her to break up with you? I'm impressed.

And hunger is only the second-best sauce. After Bearnaise.

dogimo said...


But since you ask: this is kind of a stealth edition of "Snappy Comebacks Years Later." In that I did have a girlfriend who would say "hunger is the best sauce," but I never had the wit in the moment to respond with THAT! Besides, she wouldn't have taken it personally if I had. She'd have enjoyed it, I believe.

She had a number of go-to sayings that I always enjoyed, that she would always say with a very wise, thoughtful, knowing tone:

"Comparisons are odious."

"Hunger is the best sauce."

"There is truth in jest."

This last would sometimes be shouted - in the same tone of voice as "tag you're it": "TRUTH IN JEST!" - if I said something, like I do, with a mild kernel of gentle, sweet spoof or ridicule at her expense in it, and she felt she could just tell I was on the cusp of protesting that it was "just a joke." She'd have that out of her mouth before I could open the protest!

Man, she had this one other saying that I feel like was a better, more prevalent and characteristic example than all of these. I'm blanking on it.

Anyway, they were always on-point, never trite. Never cliche. A good saying well-used can be a strong part of one's repartee repertoire!