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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pursuing Those Elusive Personal Demons

I don't know if I have any! Personal demons?

I picture them like guardian angels. Maybe it's the red dude on the other shoulder! He's your personal demon, right? You'd think so. But from context, as the term is used, one finds otherwise. Sad to say.

The term as it's used in the living language seems to refer more to abstractions, such as sex addiction, or the intravenous injection of hard drugs. Well, I guess, maybe technically those aren't abstractions. Heroin's a pretty concrete situation when you're slapping that rubber dealy around your upper arm muscle, flappin' at the crook of your arm trying to find an unmined vein. But to call something like that a demon has got to be at least some sort of...personification, some sort of metaphor, some sort of...oh yeah, duh! Some sort of demonization. And there's no point demonizing something if you're not going to picture it as a little dude with horns!

So I don't get why we can have guardian angels and nobody conceives of or depersonifies them as like, weird specific virtues, but yet your personal demons aren't even ever really meant or conceived of as little red dudes! It's kind of racist. It's racist against angels and demons both. For how can there be the light, without the shadow?


That's a pretty deep point. I like to make those as often as I possibly can.


limom said...

I drank all my demons under the table. I no longer hear the voices.
Huh? Okay, I'll stop now.

limom said...

Oh, and maybe you don't have any demons because you are so badass they are afraid of you?

dogimo said...

@limom - I've been trying since seeing this to place what song it's from. I haven't googled it though! You'd be proud of me. It's a straight mental attempt.

@limom - probably it's more because I'd be the least of their problems. Not worth messing with me.