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Saturday, January 09, 2010

Some Dude Beat Me to It #1: It Had to Happen

Man, I hate that. I often have a suspicion that some thing I might post, some rather basic bit of pithiness, some tart, bitter pith picked from the juicy wedge of citrus vesicles that is my life, I often suspect when I come up with some little mundane bit of absurdity that I've picked out and put some particular way - I suspect some dude beat me to it, and in this suspicion, "dude" is gender-neutral. Because I've often been told I think like a girl. Fine.

Anyhow, I won't google it. If I google it, I'm giving some kind of precedence to some other person who came up with the exact same thing independently, just because that person came up with it first! Is that fair? Should precedence be given, just because they came up with it first?

Possibly so. But usually I come up blank on the google anyway, so I've gotten into a good habit: POST FIRST. Because I know if I google first and it doesn't come up clean, I'll never post it! The joy will be killed, and the result will be that an original idea I had independently will be wasted, just because others had the same original idea earlier.

So I post first, then google. Then, if the google comes up with priors, go one of two ways: if there's a billion of them, then no problem. I'm just one of many, and I've inadvertently dealt a platitude to y'all. So what, I never said I was original.

But if there's only one of them, then I'd feel a little bad. Like I ripped somebody off. Like some dude beat me to it.

Well, hence this post. In the previous post, a thought-of-the-day, I just came up with off the top of my head the rather commonplace observation:

"People sometimes say they think I'm funny but I think they're just humoring me."

But this dude beat me to it:

So props to him on that. Or her.

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