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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Thought of the Day: Cause / Effect

Cape sales would go way up, I bet, if you could actually fly with 'em.


tattytiara said...

Also if people weren't such cowards about wearing spandex.

dogimo said...

I'd wear spandex, if it made me bulletproof!

Mel said...

I can tell you really DO want one, aerodynamical or not. Go one, you know you want to :-D

limom said...

Where can you even purchase a cape?
Also, what length is in fashion?
Shoulder length?
Full length?
I'd get one just so I could say I have one.

dogimo said...

Mel can help you out!

Hey Mel - where did you get yours?

Mel said...

Happy to assist gentlemen.

There is spandex IN the actual cape. Not sure if it's ballistically-protective, but when you're wearing a cape that "makes a statement" and is "so light and easy to wear" people will want to BE you, not shoot at you.

(P.S, I haven't actually bought it yet, but I'm working on it)

limom said...

I was thinking something more like this:

If it were waterproof, I would wear a cape like that.
Maybe even wait around street corners for ladies crossing over puddles.