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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yeah, That's Right: I'm Following Myself.

That's right: I'm Following myself.

I am my own Follower.

It's really handy, actually. At first it seemed weird, but after a short while it became indispensable. Now I don't think I could keep up with myself otherwise! A lot of my posts, I might otherwise forget to read but then Hey! There it is, in my Google Reader! How easy can I make it for me?

I urge everyone to try it. Everybody, Follow yourself! Otherwise, what kind of example are you setting? Think about it. It's like you're saying: "this blog...not worth following. See? I don't!" Not the kind of message you want to send.

After all, as was said by I have no idea who, but I'm going to say Alexander the Great -
"Every true leader follows himself."
- "Alexander the Great"

Wait a second, that's wrong. Try again:
"Every true leader follows himself or herself."
- "Alexander the Great"



Elliott said...

Sadly, I think if I follow myself, I just end up walking in circles - much like the proverbial dog-versus-tail scenario.

But I may still do it out of desparation to get my follower numbers up.

this wheel's on fire said...

Agreed. Both with this post and the comment about Conan. I literally agree with everything you said about that situation.

dogimo said...

@Elliott - walking in circles is great exercise! Just be careful to alternate clockwise repetitions with anticlockwise repetitions, or else you'll end up all lopsided with off-balance glutes, hammies and calves.

@this wheel's on fire - I'm so mad I could spit. I tried to post here about it, and I couldn't even do it. Disgusting. Appalling behavior for NBC, disgusting behavior on Leno's part. The contrast could not be more bright between Leno's opportunism and callous disregard, and O'Brien's class and concern for not only the legacy of the show he has taken on, but also some sense of responsibility and obligation to protect the legacy of what he's passed on to others. My regard for O'Brien has never been higher. He is a class act and a worthy steward of the tradition with which he was all too briefly and perfunctorily entrusted.

*Some say "counterclockwise." Some say "widdershins." I like anticlockwise.