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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

YES YOU CAN Influence the Future!

I found this to be a borderline-paranormal experience, so be warned. I'm not telling it to you now to confuse your mind, or wow you with unravelable mysteries. I'm only telling it to you now, because of the inspiring lesson my tale contains. A lesson of hope, a message that you are not a slave to fate, that the future is not set in stone. You can in fact exert a force for positive change. What happened was this.

I was unwrapping a tightly cling-wrapped dish of food, when suddenly I had a sudden and clear presentiment, that as I was pulling and working the wrap free from the dish, the whole thing would suddenly upset and flip from my fumbling hands, dish upending, food flying everywhere. My lunch ruined! I almost cried. Was I powerless to prevent it from actually happening?

I saw it, I tell you. I saw it as clear in my mind's eye as you might see in a vivid dream! There was no question in my mind: this was a vision of the future.

I set the dish down, and began thinking carefully, systematically. I needed to stop my headlong plunge down the path I'd unwittingly begun plunging down! If I was to unwrite and rewrite those grim events foreseen, I needed to change my present actions. So working carefully, systematically, diligently, I bit-by-bit freed the dish of food from its stretchy, clingy plastic prison. It was a job requiring patience, persistence - that dish had been well-wrapped, very tight, and did not willingly yield up its cargo of precious comestibles!

Halfway through the operation it occurred to me to take my sweater off, since in the vision I had been wearing it - any extra step to thwart the specifics of prophecy! Plus I was a little hot. I very nearly removed the rest of my clothes as well, since I was definitely not nude in the vision. But since my office door has a window in it, the potential alternate timeline I'd be creating, by taking all my clothes off at that precise moment, was potentially more troublesome than just a mussed lunch. So apart from ditching the sweater, I remained clad. Would my actions be enough, to ward off the malignant claw of fate that had stretched out its dark design against my delicious chicken enchiladas?

You may not believe this, but yes. It worked. By changing my actions, I made a different and better future come true for me - and for my food! No food wants to be strewn everywhere, ruined, rendered inedible. Even as we speak, my lunch and I are happily enjoying each other.

But for my part - carefully, though. Carefully.


limom said...

Wait. What about all that stuff about fate?
I'm confused.

dogimo said...

Well yeah, but that was a whole other post! I like to present all different sides of the issue.

In fact, I just clicked my fate label and there's a bewildering array of takes on fate. The lesson I take away from all that is this: fate is nothing if not maddeningly inconsistent.

Mel said...

This is why I keep a handy disguise at the ready. When I have a vision of myself doing something stupid in the very near future I whip out a Groucho Marx mask and then I trick the future into thinking I’m somebody else. Works a treat.

dogimo said...

Mel, that's a great tip!

It seems failsafe. Ironclad. The future can't deal with these sorts of discrepancies! Its whole supposed self-fulfilled prophecy turns upon the slenderest of Achilles tendons! One fake plastic nose-glasses-'stache can derail the whole vision, if it didn't happen that way. Just like in Twelve Monkeys, where as we saw, the problem was that nothing of the kind was attempted. He even went out of his way to put on the right disguise to fit the vision! BONE HEAD MOVE, COLE!

Nobody does dumb like Bruce Willis from the future, man. Well, maybe I'm being too hard on him. It was pretty shrewd when he started ripping his teeth out!

***Spoiler Alert!*** Great movie. Really top-notch.