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Friday, March 16, 2012

Hey, It's Bruce Springsteen!

Bruce Springsteen is a good guy. I met him one time, he was on MTV, I was watching - he was like "Hey, man! How are you - listen to this song I wrote." I was like "Hey Mr. Springsteen holy shit!" and he was kind of like, "Bruce or Boss, please - I ain't your mister!" Which, I had a good laugh on that - it was so him, and down-to-earth.

Albeit please note, he didn't say that - he was just kind of like that. That was what he was like.

A certain twinkle in the eye and tug of the corner of the mouth to indicate that characteristic humor and humility of his, and to give me as if to know, "step off on the 'mister' bit and no need to 'sir' me, either!" So I was like, "Bruce it is, boss! I've never been the hugest fan of your music (possible overosmosis from being from Jersey) but you always seemed like a real decent dude, and I've been happy to wish you the best and to see success come to you."

I'm not sure how he took that, he was pretty focused on that song. I think he was just like, he seemed like "Hey man that's cool, but how about this song I'm playing right now." And he had a point: it was a good one! Not brand new, it was sort of middle-late classic period Bruce. It was from that Human Town Lucky Touch double album era. I believe the name of this song was "Shut Up and Listen to This Song (Now Buddy)."

Huh. Maybe this whole thing was a dream. Now I'm starting to think it was a dream - I just looked up and there's no song like that on either one of those double albums.

Ahhh, it was probably Tunnel of Love.

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dogimo said...

This post was originally posted March 2nd of this year. I rarely do this, but it kind of sucked. All run together, poorly broken up into sentences and paragraphs - I knocked it into shape and I've elected to republish on today's page.