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Friday, February 24, 2012

Okay. Apologies for the Poem. It Won't Happen Again.

I can see how if I'd just come back from martini time, I can see I might accidentally post a poem on the regular, NON-POEM BLOG. But it seems a bit thin to make that mistake when you're only heading out toward martini time. Alcohol doesn't intoxicate in the contemplation!

Anyway. Apologies for that shit. Poetry does NOT belong on here.

It belongs: on here.

Those of you sick fucks who like poetry or worse/better yet, think you can write that shit, I don't advise you to hit my "random poem" button too many times. Poetry's a nice catchall for failed songs for me, and that's all it is. It's not my goal as a poet to make your jaw hang increasingly open, your eyes sting from not blinking and leave you after fifty or so in a row ready to chuck it in, shut your machine down and turn away slouching off to lie down crumpled up fetally on the couch, never to bother again. Keep going, yours is as good as mine on some scale!

What you have to understand is, people say everything's relative, all values are subjective and there are no absolutes. No reason for you to put value judgments on your shit just because of mine.

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