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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Roy, Jan and Todd in: "Again With The Euphemisms"

Jan: "Well, they're the parents. They're doing all of the raising and all of the parenting, they're the parents. I don't like the term 'biological parents' - it feels to me like it's some kind of dig that undercuts parents who adopt."

Roy: "Yes, but the child is also yours, right? I mean - you are the biological parents. What do you two use to describe that?"

Todd: "Cockfather and pussymom."

Jan: "Yep."

Roy: "That's what you call yourselves? You are the...?"

Todd and Jan: "...cockfather and pussymom."

Jan: "He's the cockfather."

Todd: "Yeah."

Roy: "Well wait a minute. What does that make the kid?"

Jan: " embryo, initially."

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