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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Anybody Whose Favorite MC Hammer Song IS NOT "They Put Me In The Mix" - I Have Grave Doubts As To Your Taste In Music

What a showcase for his whole posse - and holy s! - greatest 2Big solo turn ever! If you're not aware of this, let me tell you 2Big is the most accurately-rated "hype man" in rap or rap history. As attested by his remarkable solo album, He's King Of The Hype. But here he shines in his original role, a humble man whose boast is all for his pal's glory.

Ah, the hype-man dynamic is truly one of the peculiar glories of rap culture! Where else can a practice of a dude yelling about how great he is evolve into a practice of a dude yelling about how great he is, then stepping aside for breath only to yield the spotlight to a second dude, also yelling about how great the first dude is.* And then there's this priceless exchange, and the way it demonstrates the visceral power of a good, ringing truism: "I am 2BIG!! And he's..." background mob vocal: "hammer! hammer!" MC Hammer: "...I am!"

There's also this weird paranoid vibe I'm picking up from the whole song, like "who are they" "why did they put me in the mix? Who benefits?" - but maybe that's just me.



tattytiara said...

True story: I once sold underwear to MC Hammer. Okay, calling it a story might be making a bit of an overstatement.

dogimo said...

Well, we can probably make it a story by fleshing it out a little!

Was his underwear like, specially engineered to compensate or take advantage of the construction of those HUGE PANTS?

Mel said...

No, not just you. The slightly affronted tone of the "they put me in the mix!" combined with the backup singers' "oh oh oh oh" has a paranoid vibe similar for me to Marwood's response to the graffiti scrawled in the bathroom.

I can imagine him saying "they put him in the mix? who put him in the mix? Maybe he put himself in the mix in some moment of drunken sincerity”

dogimo said...


That's the funniest I've ever laughed, it feels like. Oh, god.

It's the funniest I've ever laughed LATELY. I forget what a cut-up you are, you know, because you can rock that "serious tone" so well.

limom said...

I got to get me some Hammer/Ali Baba pants.