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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Consider Your Ass Kicked! Tells YOU How To Vote In The Upcoming Election!

Here's what I do! If I don't like either of the major candidates for president, I show up to vote. I vote for the regional issues and state referenda, and for the federal, state and local candidates for various elected positions. I try to do a decent amount of homework the week before, and see whose stance I agree with - or on the propositions, see what my stance is. I generally don't pay attention until a week or so before, but when I do my homework I try to "read back," and not look at things written just then.

Let's be honest, politics is not something I enjoy. To me, it is utterly stupid and dumb, plus redundant. But you don't have to be a politics fan to figure out whether you want a dam on Lake Louise for fuck's sake! As to candidates, it's not like anyone expects me to do a psychic reading on their souls. I just try to read some of what they've said on questions that are semi-relevant to the job they're standing to fill. Or if incumbent, they've got a record to go by. Some people don't watch a damn game all season, and then they get hyped up about the Super Bowl! Well, that's me for politics. I'll knuckle down, do some homework, get a copy of the final ballot, I take an interest for ONE WEEK, and then I go in and execute. Get a copy of the final ballot, figure out what the hell it is trying to tell you, figure out what boxes you'd check AS IF YOUR VOICE DETERMINED THE OUTCOME - and then - go in and execute!

It's not fucking hard. It can even be kind of a fun diversion, to take a temporary interest in the important shit that you could normally care less about. I do the same thing when there's one of those nature programs on about the Yellowstone caldera exploding or some crap. I'm sure my vote there means considerably less, but it's important - we do what we can.

For president if I don't like either of the candidates I see who else is running who I do like. There's always at least one. Mind you, I'm not anti-2 party by any means! There are people like that, just against 2-party on principle, but that's a little knee-jerk in my view. There are assholes in both parties, and there are great people, dedicated and idealistic civil servants, in both parties. There are republicans and democrats at lower levels who I've voted for - good people, who if they made it that far, I'd vote for 'em for president unhesitatingly. I just refuse to endorse an asshole as a presidential candidate, unless I think that person will make a good president (great presidents can and have been assholes). I don't want to "waste my vote"!

And anyone who votes in support of 2-party when they don't think that candidate is a good one for the job - what a waste.

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