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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Flatulence Folk Rituals The World Over, Episode 4: Tunisia

In Tunisia, if men are gathered together in a social, communal place (such as a Mosque or a Pool Hall) and one of them farts, and it is silent but he realizes from its smell that it cannot entirely escape notice, he will step away from where the act occurred, and apologize to his fellows for fouling their air. But if they are true fellows, then the accepted ritual response will be for each of them in turn to walk to that same spot, and release a real cheek-flapping braaaapper, without further comment or acknowledgment. It is a testament to the widespread nature of this practice that Tunisian men quietly pride themselves on their ability to - at need, to rescue a brother from his discomfiture - break loud wind.

God, I wish I hadn't just made that up.

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