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Monday, April 09, 2012

Personal Responsibility: A Total Cop-Out!

The fact is, it's just a whole lot fucking easier to own your faults, and their consequences, than it is to push them off on who's fault it really is. Talk about taking the easy way out! Genetics? The universe? Mom and dad's parenting? God? Good luck getting those people to shoulder the blame! Especially if mom and dad are dead, which is an increasingly common problem (or assuming you're nietzschean: God, even. Now that's an even bigger problem! Some infinite corpse, clogging up the universe...ew. Who's going to clean THAT up? Whose problem is that?). Whoever's problem something really is, good luck getting them to step up! And hey, even if you can find them, and get them to shoulder "the blame," guess what you get? An apology for it! What's that going to help you? Good luck getting them to clean up the mess. Good luck getting them to shoulder the ongoing burden. Right? How are you going to get them to DO ALL THAT? Taking THAT task on is the real act of moral courage, pal!

Throwing off all that somebody-else responsibility is an act of personal courage. It says: I just made my shit WAY HARDER on myself. I'm still going to have to deal with all this crap, but I steadfastly refuse to accept the responsibility! A principled stance. A courageous stance.

Personal responsibility, by comparison, is a total cop-out! It's just a way to duck your duty of chucking that responsibility where it really belongs. The personal-responsibility junky is just a big enabler to the world! By not forcing the world to solve its own problems, the personal-responsibility junky enables the world to keep being irresponsible. But the irritating thing about these responsibility junkies is how casual they are about it, like it's no big deal for anyone to deal with (you know they're smug on the inside! Insufferably!). Saying "oh, this is mice nuts. The part that can actually be dealt with I'll deal with it, the part that can't well no one can. Maybe I'll mention in passing what part I took care of, for others who might have otherwise been impacted." What passive-agressive BULL SHIT! What a cop out! Where's your principled stance? You're just a buck-stopper, that's what you are. Where's your forcing the buck to where it GOES?

All these problems that come your way, come on - how many of those are really yours? Yet you take them ON? You can't be codependent for the universe, dude! That isn't healthy - for you or the universe. Who are you doing favors for? NO ONE. Except for yourself. Admit it! What are you intercepting and solving all these not-your-problems for?

It's a form of intellectual cowardice, you know. Dealing with the shit that lands on you, instead of taking on the MUCH HARDER JOB of rubbing it in other people's faces for them to go, "huh? That's not my problem either, dude!" See?! Now that person has the idea.

It's time for you shirk-shirkers to face the fact of your own cowardice. You front and strut like you're the big responsibility hero all the time, but really every single day you're just taking the easy way out. It's just a whole lot easier for you, isn't it! Admit it! You own your own faults, you take on their consequences, you take on the problems that land on you - you own the parts you can solve, and manage the consequences of what you can't, as best you can. Well sure, we can all do that! Sure it's a cinch! Sure it's a fucking snap, for anyone to do! That's not the point! The point is it's sick and it's wrong. You're just trying to duck the real issue that the rest of us are always trying to solve: WHOSE FUCKING PROBLEM IS THIS ANYWAY, HUH PEOPLE?

One thing I can tell you for sure: it's not mine. I'm not buying into that cop out.

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