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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Principles of Right Professionalism


Each of these Principles of Right Professionalism expresses an attitude. Taken together, these attitudes toward reality, sincerity, interpretation, action, and questioning constitute what's known in the industry as "a good attitude."

A. Reality. Assume a commonality of interest.
B. Sincerity. Believe the other person believes what they have said is truth.
C. Interpretation. For motives and interpretations: accept the possibility that the least objectionable motive or interpretation is the true motive or interpretation. Accept that it may be true; realize that it should be true; expect that it is true.
D. Action. Act accordingly.
E. Question. Ask sincere questions only.

A sincere question is one where you are willing to hear more than your own answer.


jorg wobblington lopez said...

woah. Are you ok?

dogimo said...

Pretty good! Yourself?

dogimo said...

Wait. Now I'm wondering why you ask?

I just re-read the post. It all seems kind of sweet and tame!

I'm missing something. It could be I'm missing something.