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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Another Horrible Thought Pt.2

Cancel that.

False alarm.


Mel said...

Of course it was!

dogimo said...

All those kids are so serious! I love it.

Aw man, you cut out prior to the applause!


TimT said...


You know Byron's poem Darkness, right? Google it if you don't, it's on just that theme you mentioned in the post below.

dogimo said...

That's a pretty sweet poem! You know what I like about Byron? - and a couple of those other dudes too, I suppose, but Byron's the ace at it - he's able to sound poetic and hoity-toity at the same time, and make it perfectly natural.

A lot of the time in these latter days, you get people trying to be "poetic" and they emulate that style, and it just sounds forced. Even a lot of Byron's contemporaries, they didn't have that natural knack, as to the manner born. Byron was the real deal.

That Percy Bysshe Shelley's another one.