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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Paranoia: As True Then As It Was Now

Buying into a paranoid, fatalistic scenario is just one way to manufacture certainty and build superiority into one's self-image during troubling and confusing times. "Not only do I know what's going to happen, but it's BAD - and you, you poor deluded fool, will find out soon enough!"

Paranoia and fatalism are comforting, in a paradoxical way. They free us from any personal obligation to make the future better. The worst is inevitable! And we know why. Paranoia frees us from our duty to put in hard work at the base of the real problems, which are too many and spread too wide for the paranoiac's limited energy and mental resources to deal with.

Those who are working hard are just deluded sheep! Their effort can't yield real benefits. Can't they see? All of these so called "many different problems," over which they rally and upon which they work, stem from the big problem. The one they're ignoring! The future is rigged by mysterious powers, and our "role" in the REAL fight is to yell and point.

That's our hard work.

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