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Monday, May 07, 2012

Ask A Question Get An Answer #3: What's In A Name?

Why do people keep e-mailing these? I mean yeah, I know I said "fine," but the whole purpose of it is you put the comment with the question on the big button there. To the upper right. Click it, it describes the whole thing! It's very easy.

Well, no worries: "What's with the name 'dogimo' huh?" This is a question I've answered before.




Spell it backwards. There it is.

So anyway, I picked this handle because the other one was taken, and I had recently written 'dogimo' down as a band name. This was years ago by now. At that point nobody else was using 'dogimo' except 1 guy, and he said it meant some damn thing in Japanese (which doesn't even count!). I've totally outlasted that guy. He's not even in Google anymore, but I've since become beleaguered by all these fucking upstarts. "Dogimo" they so-call themselves - with their You-Tube accounts, their g-mail addresses, and their other various bullshit trappings and accoutrements. SCREW YOU, SPELL-CHECK!! YOU THINK I CAN'T SPELL "accoutrements" WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION??? IN YOUR GOD DAMN FACE!!!!!!

There really needs to be another way to emphasize text. Mere bold, with an every-other-exclamation-point-italicization, doesn't quite cut it for the extra emphasis I mean to pack into the word "face," there.

Oh, what, so "italicization" is a word, but "accoutrements" isn't? Oh, spell-check. You disappoint me.

Anyway. Point is, what the hell was I supposed to do when I hit upon "dogimo" ahead of everybody else but that one guy - go around registering accounts in that name under every damn little sniveling upstart media service and outlet that I didn't then know I'd eventually become interested in and/or wish to stake my claim to if only to forestall all these dogimo-come-latelies?

Well fuck that. And fuck THEM.

Edited to add: and then of course, I went back and bolded/every-other-italicized the initial "dogimo" and associated punctuation. That's pure balls on my part, after my disparagement of that very technique's inadequacy.

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