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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ask a Question Get an Answer #5: Should Restroom-Segregation Be Extended?

Reader Kenny asks:
Men and women have "separate but equal" public restrooms, I presume so as to reduce the possibility of either sex sneaking a peek at the naughty bits of one of the other sex.

Well, if gay people enjoy the sight of same-sex privates, should there be additional "separate but equal" public restrooms for them as well?

It's difficult to ask this question without seeming like a raging homophobe, so I appreciate your discretion.

Kenny, I'd say you're proceeding from a premise I disagree with. So it's plain I can't go all the way with you to the dilemma posed at your conclusion! Still, I will do my best to answer the question from a premise I'd go with.

First, let me assure you, I'd never accuse anyone of sexual-orientation hate bias just for asking an innocent question about social mores. But your theory here starts with the idea that segregation of restrooms is to keep people from enjoying sight of naughty bits. I'd disagree on that one. I'd argue that the realpolitik reason is that the ruling hetero patrimatriarchy doesn't want their preferred sex object to hear and smell them pooping. They're not comfortable with that. They think it'll bollix their chances of getting some! But they could care less about bollixing the chances of a gay-on-gay romance. Ergo: there it is. The answer would be no.

Thanks for asking! Did you get your answer?

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