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Saturday, June 23, 2012


Some people forward stuff on, and some people don't forward stuff on.

Suppose I am a person who forwards stuff on: that doesn't make me a gullible dupe, or a sheep. Maybe I read the item, I can see what it's in favor of and what it's against, and I agree with the message. So I forward it on!

It's a show of support for the message itself. Maybe the facts underneath it are trivia to me, compared to the larger message.

But suppose I am a person who doesn't forward stuff on: that doesn't mean I don't care, or that I am unsympathetic to a cause.

Some people feel the need to put things in their own words, or to speak first from their own experience. Some people may believe in a cause, but disagree with the way it's put. And some people just aren't co-signers, but they can be passionate advocates one-on-one for what they believe!

Only five percent of people who read this will forward it on - but approximately twenty percent will recognize that's a made-up statistic. If it sounds good to you, forward this on to five friends in ten minutes, and good luck with that.

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