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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Ratings: Aspects of Lore Fitzgerald Sjoberg

This post originally published May 2011. Very pleased to update it to reflect the Brunching Shuttlecocks archive appears to be restored online in all its glory!

The Brunching Shuttlecocks - this was pretty much the motherlode. The Self-Made Critic movie reviews, the little Flash animation gags, the standalone japes like Geek Hierarchy Chart, the smirking quizzes like "Porn Star or My Little Pony?", the random concept generators (such as the infamous Alanis Morisette Lyric Generator), the CYBORG ACRONYM name app, the famous Ratings, and all the other associated and dissociated content made for a pitch-perfect time capsule of late 90s snark and whimsy. Points off for taking the whole archive off-line.   B  Revised Grade: A

The Book of Ratings - a bit on the "it's been done" side, but you know what, nothing wrong with a little anthologization when the material is this strong. Also, since the Brunching archives have been pulled, points ON for still being available, albeit, in stores. A-

Alt.text - so apparently, the fairly well-known magazine Wired? They also have a paperless version? And these alt.text deals are articles on tech- and/or geek-related matters (if that's not needless to say of content written for Wired), a series of them, taking a humorous take on those topics, in a "column" if you can call it that, appearing the paperless version. Which I guess collects the features and stuff that didn't make the cut for print? Except I don't know how that would be determined. It's not like some times you make, sometimes you don't - more like they just seem have a whole second stable of writers and features? Like the West Coast Avengers. C-?


Moths. D-

Lore Fitzgerald Sjoberg - I don't know, he seems like a nice enough guy, though I don't really know him to "rate" him, so. I guess I'll say: he better be cooking up something pretty awesome behind the scenes, at this point. It's clear he's got some good shee-it in store, to share with the world, if he'd only be so kind as to put it in usable form where people can get at it. Because if two years from now nothing new is announced, and it turns out he's just been squandering it twittering and tumblering around, well all I can say to that is what the hell, LORE? Provisional B-

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