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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Band, Song, and Album It's From #1

Band, Song, and Album it's from:

"Slip You A Miracle"


Mel said...

Ha! Like it.

Band: Fuck Art

Song: "Play The Hits!"

Album: Fuck Art's Greatest Hits

Mel said...

Band: Picking At Scabs

Song: "Oozing"

Album: This Is My Infection

Artist: MC Backscratcha

Song: "Can't Reach It"

Album: Bitchin Itchin

Mel said...

Band: Dove

Song: "Peace"

Album: Coo d'état

dogimo said...

There most certainly must certainly already be a band called Dove!


But while I'm here: band, song, album!

"Lucky for Some"
Charmed and Chained

Mel said...

Oh yeah! Their "Three-legged Life" was a stomper!

Mel said...

Band: The Gas Struts.

Song: Struttin.

Album: Hydraulics Anonymous.

dogimo said...

Band: Johnnnnnny
Album: Here
Song: "All Work and No Play"

Mel said...

Band: Bench Warrant
Song: Counter Terrorism
Album: Laminate Contaminate

Mel said...

Band: Capillary Artillery

Song: "Shot Through The Heart"

Album: With Apologies To Jon Bon Jovi

dogimo said...

I feel like I'd go with something other than capillary for that one. Aortillery?

Nah that's no good. But something.

Mel said...

Band: Clavicle Crush

Song: "Hug Me Hard Right In The Windpipe"

Album: Perfect Heights

dogimo said...

I like perfect heights quite a bit!

dogimo said...

Each of these in order of Band, "Song", Album:

Creepy Couple
"Making Me (Want To Be) Lonely"
Mail Order Children

Honey Bus
"Some Fun"
Come On Out And Sugar Some, On The Honey Bus!

Love Subject
"Tied with a Bow"
Rule of Two

"Smack Boom"

Macho Peacho
"Master Herbalist"
Come To My Senses

the Venials
"Second-Best Sins"
Aim For Heck!

Mel said...

Band: Porous Borders
Song: "Human Movement"
Album: Sudden Moral Quandary: Is It?

I particularly like "Making Me (Want To Be) Lonely" and Aim For Heck!

Mel said...

Band: Band Photo
Song: "Leaning Up Against A Brick Wall"
Album: Rock’n’Roll As Fuck

dogimo said...

Band: unimpressed
Album: Left Unimpressed
Song: "Lean Right (Right?)"

Mel said...

Band: The Courtney Love Experience
Song: "Never Saw Nirvana"
Album: Grunge Regrets

Mel said...

Band: Stomach Pump
Song: "Heart's Content"
Album: Gross

dogimo said...

Band: Semilunar
Song: "New Love Phase"
Album: Invisibly Here