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Friday, October 05, 2012


Damn I smell good. I mean, pretty much everybody says. 

I just got a good snootful of my masculine odor. WHOOOOOWEEEE! It's nice. Light and subtle. Just a hint of salt tang, a slight bite of citrusy musk, notes of outdoor dark stain wood varnish and dew-damp cut grass, plus the hintiest hint of b.o. from a hard and honest day's work. Okay, actually the b.o. note is a bit more to the fore, but I'm being totally straight - despite my own high standards, olfactory acumen and critical brute honesty, people do just love how I smell. 

Even my FEET don't stink. Ever! I could hike for ten miles in a wet woods, nothing!

I'm not egotistical about it. Shoot, I don't get any credit for this! How could I? It's just how things turned out.

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