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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Important Announcement: I have A Huge Problem With Everything

Yes, that's right. But allow me to explain.

I find that as I age (and I do! I have - I have already aged, and I continue to do so!) I become more interested in strident posturing, affectations of bad-boyery, and trumped-up harsh stances clearly intended to "shock" or "to...whatever else goes well there, with 'shock.'" Yet clearly, Consider Your Ass Kicked! can not be the venue for this sort of improper content. Consider Your Ass Kicked! is a repository of kindness, mild yet gently righteous rebukes of the wayward, exemplary feats of human reason, candid sex talk and riveting, gripping yarns suitable for boys and girls of all ages, especially fortyish.

So a new venue was called for. And so it has been called. And so I call it! It is called: A HUGE PROBLEM WITH EVERYTHING.

Check it out. It's on the internet, and accessible via "clicky-links":

As time goes by, I'll be republishing some of the worst material from this blog over there, so that it can serve as the most complete and primary showcase for my vitriol. But it will hardly be some mere archive of past rants! No. The strong focus will be on the even stronger vein of previously-unseen content - content that has yet to be seen. This is content that I'd consciously and conscientiously held back on, as unsuitable for this respectable, well-established outlet for my tamer muse. Already I can say with some confidence that we can expect some Recurring Features:

* ALL-CAPS MOVIE REVIEWS (expect these to be no-holds-barred)

* SATIRICAL TAKES ON CORPORATE AND SOCIAL ISSUES (expect these to be tortured and alternatingly over-obvious and subtler-than-can-meaningfully-be-discerned-as-satire, but please ask for clarification as needed, wherever you see the "satire" tag! If I can't identify what the satire is supposed to be, I'll own up to it, and remove the tag).

* "OTHER" (to be announced)

Anyway. While you're waiting for all that to happen, here's a foretaste of what you can expect when it does! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the very second post of all-new content on A HUGE PROBLEM WITH EVERYTHING.


It's a little political, but honestly I could give a shit about that. I'm not on anyone's side. I'm on my OWN SIDE. I stand with Jason Bourne on that one, and if you think you can take us, well why don't you just BRING IT. My buddy Jason Bourne will go TREADSTONE upside your head with an AMERICAN HERITAGE COLLEGIATE DICTIONARY provided by yours truly.


Jen said...

At last. A political blog with an honest title. And a catchy one too! Too bad you took it, because EVERY blog ought to be called A Huge Problem With Everything.


dogimo said...

Oh, there'll be plenty of non-political stuff on there! And plenty of political stuff on here as well, it's more a question of tone. Here the tone is mostly absurd - there it will be strongly critical. And generally, said criticism will be negative.

I'm divided on whether said criticism shall be generally deserved. Could go either way on that. Let's say I'll try to make it a "fair hit," even in cases where I'm not actually terribly bent out of shape.

Boy, I need more fiction fridays too.