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Monday, December 24, 2012

Tegan & Sara: "Please Say Yes (Please Don't Cry)"

I have to admit, if I met and was introduced to Tegan & Sara, like, at a social informal function (somebody's huge haute loft) after a prestige gig of some kind (for them) maybe, and if we hit it off with a bit of swapped banter, I'd totally hit on them. And if they responded, I'd totally see how far that would go along those paths! And if it got to it, I'd proceed even to the point of propositioning them BOTH for sex - at the same time. And then if they were down with it, I gotta admit I would follow all the way through. "Seal the deal." Not like I'm really really super emotionally in love with either or both of them, but they're just SO hot right now, and I'm a star-fucker. But it's got to be somebody kind of pretty dang indie. For me to be interested? Yeah. Also, there's got to be two of them. How impressive is it to brag that you bagged Rilo but not Kiley?

I mean, in mainstream rock sure, it's fine to fuck the drummer. But in indie? For authenticity's sake, fuck the whole band. Or might as well keep your mouth shut.

Now by indie, I mean more like - "Classic Indie." Like, indie from five-ten years ago indie, except still in business. I'm not going rubbing up on some nube on the scene who may or may not pan out, flash-wise! Somebody with some damn laurels for us to rest on, in the afterglow - that's what's wanted. 'Cause man, that is so sweet. Fucking on fucking laurels, man. It sounds like it would be uncomfortable, maybe a little prickly or scratchy, but - far from it. That's why dudes rest on those! Comfy resting satisfaction like you wouldn't believe. Fucking on laurels, man, that's my starfucker m.o.

I think Tegan & Sara would probably give me the brush off, though. If I tried that. It's not super-couth, for one thing. Probably also, a look of mingled hurt and disappointment, too - because they'd just met me! But yet they wouldn't have thought I was...that I would...they just...I let them down. They were really pleased to meet me, and the whole interaction had been so, and then...! I can tell, now I can just tell it ruined their night. Which had been blooming with the hope of such promise!

Anyway. Maybe they'll write a song about it. Cope that way.

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