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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The End Of The World: Why It Didn't Happen.

An important announcement about the coming end of the world and my poetry blog.

Leap Year. Leap Year fucked us up. The Mayans had no way of knowing about that. All those extra days, the calculation has to be to corrected to take account for it. Leap Year was instituted in 45 B.C. by Julius Caesar. In retrospect, it's unclear whether he intended to thwart or hinder the attempted predicted cataclysm of the Mayans, but one thing is clear: he succeeded. Because of Leap Year, we have 2,012 plus 45 (there was no Year Zero), divided by four (1 extra day every fourth "Leap" year) extra days. That makes 514 extra days.

The new, Leap Year adjusted Mayan Doomsday is Friday, May 23, 2014. All because of Leap Year.

Also, because 2012 was itself a Leap Year, this year's "Drive For 365" on my poem-a-day(-on-average) blog Pocketful Of Poesy should actually be corrected to a "Drive For 366."

My thanks go out to reader Mel, who made me aware of the phenomenon. I now pass the awareness on to you. Stay close by me as I race to complete his year's Drive For 366, and over the next couple of years of what time we have left, stick close to loved ones, treasure the things that matter most, and - maybe? Just maybe. Give some belated thanks to Julius Caesar, for giving us all those extra days.

Please note: don't expect a second reprieve from Daylight Savings Time either, because every year they add an hour to the clock, the next spring they take one off. It's a net gain of no extra time for humankind, sadly.

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