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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday God Blog of Inspiration #1: Footprints Vs. Starfish

"Footprints Vs. Starfish"

Jesus and I were walking along the beach. We were walking single file, to conceal our numbers, and there were just tremendous numbers of starfish on the beach, drying out in the hot sun. "Did you multiply these?" I asked. Jesus shrugged. 

We knew the starfish would die if we didn't, so we made a game of seeing how many we could each throw back into the sea. We kept score in this manner: "It matters to this one!" "It matters to this two!" - and so on. Jesus was pulling ahead of me as we went, and he was moving in a mysterious way that I found hard to copy. I said to the Lord, "Lord, why are you wasting your time? You know you can't possibly save them all. There are too many!" 

"Actually, I pretty much can save them all," he said, with a grin as he shaded his sparkling eyes, watching his last one helicoptering out far over the breaking waves. "I'm God."

I laughed at my stupidity. Of course he was right. And on he went, down the beach, moving mysteriously, pitching starfish. As I watched him stoop to save another, I let my last starfish drop from my hand.

The whole thing comforted me for some reason.

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