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Saturday, February 16, 2013

You Do Not Deserve Love.

No one deserves love.

No one deserves someone to be with.

This is true, because so very many, many people - very good people - get no love. Get no one to be with. We know this is true. Why do I shout out, claiming how much I deserve?

Did you get the love you deserve?

Do I "deserve" more than you?

I say no one deserves love, but when we are stupendously lucky enough to find love, we can then spend the rest of our lucky lives earning our luck, proving ourselves worthy of that great good chance. We can't deserve love! But each of us is - or can be, or can prove - worthy of it.

If you did get love - for everyone who is lucky enough, to find the person they wished for! - when we have that chance, we need to thank our lucky stars, or God, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster or whoever we wish upon, to thank for that other person - not omitting to thank that other person, hopefully! But the point is: we need to feel grateful, and not entitled, and so spiteful of perceived minor slights. If we've found the person we wished for - not perfect, but a human being who will love as as we are, who we can love as they are - we need to feel grateful.

Because for everyone who finds the love they think they deserve, there are just as many people who are just as much (or more) "deserving" - kind, and generous, and loving, and even FUCKIN' SEXY for god's sake! - who end up with a monster. Or a liar. Or just an ungenerous, selfish, emotionally miserly stone-hearted soul. Or who end up with no one - who search and search and can never find their mated heart, the mind and the arms to welcome them in for what each is sure will be the rest of life!- the "right person" we all feel we deserve! Do we? Can anyone deserve a gift like that.

Few enough of us get it.

It's not fair.



Mel said...

I agree with you, we do not deserve love. Apparently, however, we sure as shit have the right to look good.

dogimo said...

I thought you said Australians have no rights, only duties?

Could be it's your duty to look good.

Mel said...

I think in particular we were discussing freedom of speech, which indeed is not specifically mentioned in our constitution. However, the rights to freedom of expression, association and assembly are in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, to which Australia is a party, apparently.

We do, also, have a bunch of rights and freedoms which are tl;dr.

Having said all that, I’m assuming Target’s mission statement takes precedent over the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

To me, looking good isn’t so much a duty, but a burden sometimes, you know?

dogimo said...

I wouldn't know.