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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Advice To Those Who May Be Considering Fucking With Me.

Probably, in your case my advice would be: don't.

Serious! Because come on, really - who's going to fuck with me? Where is this imbecile? What's your percentage in it? Come on, nobody's going to fuck with me. Who would want to? What could ever be in it, for them? Please. Please, thank you and you're fucking welcome. Come on.

Whoever you may be, and let's use the "indefinite you" here, to avoid needless offense - I don't want to seem aggro! I'm a friendly guy with a ton of love to give, but I don't care who you are. It's against your best interest, I'll tell you that right now. Fucking with me? Very much against your best interest! Because what the hell's it going to get you!? Fucking with me. - come on with that! Think you see an upside? If you do, you might be standing on your head thinking down's up. That's one theory. Or if you see an entry in the plus side of the ledger, in your risk/benefit analysis spreadsheet of the "hm, shall I fuck with this guy" question? Better check your damn math please. If you see a number in that column. Check the forumula in the cell, for your own sake I assure you! You messed up somewhere. You miscalculated, because respectfully, any potential benefit for you here equals zero.

So what do you think you're going to get? Fucking with me! Wow! You're not going to get rich. I tell you that! You won't get famous, no, not either - and you might get hurt. I'm not talking hurt feelings here, comrade. Because let me tell you, when it comes to you, prospectively fucking with me - I don't even fucking fuck around. You may think I do, but I'm NOT.

So ask yourself: what the fuck is this guy trying to talk about? I wasn't even planning to fuck with him! Is he trying to jump bad, is this reverse-psychology, does he WANT me to come around fucking with him? When it's clearly not even in my own best interest? What is this, some kind of ploy, a trap?

Answer: NO.

Quit overthinking things, dearie. That way leads only to fucking with yourself. Which let me tell you very specifically: you don't even want to get started down that path. It's all downside from there.

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