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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What Does It Mean, to Update a Blog?

What does it mean, to update a blog? What does it mean to me? What does it mean to my blog? Is my blog sitting there unupdated, out-of-date, cursing my stinginess? Am I my blog's content? Am I content walking around, I, myself fully updated as my poor blog goes without, as my blog's updatedness ages without the updates it needs from me, its content stream? Would I be content to fill that role?

Or is my blog already 100% updated? At all times?

I believe it is. Perhaps it has all of the content it needs right now. Who says that the content roiling within me is content for it? Surely only I, the blog author, can make that call! And just as surely, prior to the call being made, maybe the blog's not missing anything. Maybe it's already updated. Once the call is made "hey, this goes here" - then that could constitute an "update," but the blog was already current. It was current, up-to-the-minute with all content that had as yet been released! Can't get more current than that.

There's nothing ungrammatical about "just as surely, maybe" by the way. I was retroactively impugning the surety of the "surely," that's all. A subtle touch! I only just noticed it.

At any rate, it just strikes me as weird to think that a blog could be in any way "out of date." Neglected, perhaps! But how can it be out of date? Out of date means that there have been developments in the area of the blog's scope, developments that the general public now has its hot little hands on, developments that the blog has not been updated to reflect. What could these developments possibly be? I'm not even sure what this blog's scope is. I don't think it has a scope.

Anyway. I'm updating my blog, apparently, with some of these hard questions for you: the internet! When you see a blog and it hasn't been "updated" for some time, do you assume that it is out-of-date? Or do you assume that maybe nothing has happened that was considered worth reporting, by the blog author?

I always assume somebody died. But that's me, I'm morbid.

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