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Friday, April 12, 2013



Don't you know that when you get an email with a vague subject line ("Check this out" or "Have you seen this yet?") and a link in the message body, from someone you trust - don't you know that 90% of the time, that's a hijack? A virus, a spam, a scam, a pirated send from your friend's INFECTED INBOX?? EWW. And you CLICKED on that link?!

Come on. Get aware, get responsible! You want to just spread that problem yourself, to everyone in YOUR contacts list? Do you click every link you're sent, when the email itself has nothing in it from your friend that sounds like them? "Clicky-clicky, infected page. Who knew? Paging Malcom Ware! Paging Mr. Mal Ware?"

How do you not know better than that? Please, seriously.

Luckily for you, though - good news. This page is not infected. Your mailbox, right at this moment, is not sending out copies of a link to this page, to everyone you know. The person who sent you the link didn't send it to you due to a virusy piratey hijack attack. I don't know why they sent it to you. They want to promote anti-malware awareness? Maybe they just wanted to call you "dumbass."

Instructions for use: copy the URL to this page, and paste it into the body of an email. Give the email a vague subject line, such as "Check this out" or "Have you seen this yet?" Send it to as many of your friends as you wish!

A public service announcement, from we here at Consider Your Ass Kicked!


dogimo said...

This is a poor, rough draft of what could be a neat PSA. Changes I'd need to make:

* different URL. ""? Too trusted, it should be or some bull shit! A person clicking a trusted domain like blogspot knows what they're getting. Some pissant's blog. Can't sustain a charge of dumbass for that!

* clean it up - no banners and sidebar! It should just be a great big blinking DUMBASS. And then some explanatory, excoriating text.

So yeah, rough draft. A not quite ready for prime time PSA, here.


dogimo said...

Also. Strategically-speaking, maybe the URL should not include the spelled-out word, "dumbass."

Or maybe it should, fuck it.!

Don't go there. Whatever's at that URL, you don't fucking want it. Fucking russkies have let their TLD go to shit.